Oral Surgeon

In our centers we do oral surgery such as tooth extractions, cyst excisions, frenulum removals and apicoectomies via piezoelectric and laser assisted surgical techniques that ensure a shorter duration of treatments and greater postoperative comfort, using modern technologies such as CBCT (cone-beam) for planning too.


The supporting tissues of the tooth, periodontal defined, can be subject to inflammations, infections and other injuries. Preserving these structures is essential for an optimal tooth connection to the bone, followed by an aesthetic rehabilitation.


The titanium implants are an ideal solution to tooth loss. Thanks to the high biocompatibility of this metal, it is possible to rehabilitate the dental arches aesthetically and functionally, after a process of integration of implants in the bone. When there is bone availability, the rehabilitation can take place within 24 hours (immediate occlusal loading).


The loss of tooth substance is often such as not to allow the use of traditional conservative techniques. In this case individualized prosthetic devices are used (mobile or fixed, depending on the patient).


Injuries resulting from trauma or decay processes can be treated by conservative treatments, that is the set of methods through which dentist can rebuild and restore teeth to their original morphology.


Traumatic or cariogenic injury can reach the dental pulp (including vessels and nerves) causing inflammatory processes accompanied by intense to pain symptoms. In these cases the treatment of choice adapted to preserve and recover the tooth is the endodontic treatment which means the emptying, disinfection and sealing of the root canals containing the pulp.


A single tooth interfaces with other teeth of the same dental arch and teeth of the opposing arch too. Ensure correct positioning and optimal occlusion means to prevent or treat serious dysfunctions of the masticatory system, which includes a not unimportant neuromuscular component.

Oral Hygiene

It's the basis of prevention of oral diseases of carious nature. In addition to a proper home care, is advised, with relative frequency to individual needs, making sessions of professional hygiene.